The site located in the domain takes an extremely trustworthy stance on the personal data provided by registered and associated users. Several privacy norms are adopted, based on established customary law and disseminated among Internet users worldwide. This document shows how the MC-NODE site manages the data it collects from users and how you interfere with it. Our policy will always be accessible through a link on every page of the site. By means of this notice, the MC-NODE website informs its users of its personal data protection policy so that users determine freely and voluntarily if they wish to provide MC-NODE with their personal data, which are required in the registration and / Or in the contracting of certain services offered. Your use of this Landing Page and Web Site is subject to this Privacy Policy, and you must review its terms in each new use to see if you agree to it.

1. Destination of Information The personal data collected will be subject to automated processing and will be incorporated into the corresponding electronic records of personal data, of which the MC-NODE website will be the owner and responsible. The MC-NODE website will provide users with the appropriate technical resources so that they may, prior to this, comply with this data protection policy or with any other relevant information before giving their consent on the storage of their personal data. Except in fields where otherwise stated, answers to questions about personal data are voluntary, without their lack implying a reduction in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services, unless otherwise indicated. The user guarantees that the personal data provided is true, as well as that it will communicate any modification in the same. The collection and processing of personal data facilitated by you is intended to contact you to respond to your request and inform you about the activities, products and services offered by this site, through any means of communication, including Means of electronic character. Therefore, the website expresses its commitment of confidentiality regarding the treatment of your personal data.

2. Security The MC-NODE website has adopted the legally required levels of data protection security and seeks to install all means and additional measures to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or undue subtraction of personal data collected. Seeking to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of personal data during their transmission. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that Internet security measures are not completely foolproof.

3. Cookies When you access our site, we, including the companies we hire to track how our site is used, may place small data files called "cookies" on your computer. We send a "session cookie" to your computer when you log into your account or use our Services. This kind of cookie helps us recognize you if you visit multiple pages on our site during the same session, so we do not have to request your data on all pages. After you exit or close your browser, this cookie will expire and will no longer take effect. We encrypt our cookies so that only we can interpret the information stored in them. You are free to decline our cookies if your browser allows, but this may interfere with the use of our site. We and our service providers also use cookies to personalize our services, content and advertising, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions, and promote trust and security. You may encounter third-party cookies when using the MC-NODE Services on certain sites that are not under our control (for example, if you view a web page created by a third party or use an application developed by a third party, a cookie may be placed By that page or application).

4. Google Remarketing We use the Google Adwords Remarketing feature to serve ads on Google partner sites. This feature allows you to identify that you have visited our site and so Google can display our ad for you on different websites. A number of third-party vendors, including Google, buy advertising space on Internet sites. We eventually hire Google to display our ads in those spaces. To identify your visit to our site, other third-party vendors, as well as Google, use cookies, in a similar way to what is exposed in the section 'How we use cookies'. You can disable Google's use of cookies by accessing the Ads Preferences Manager.

5. Changes and Updates MC-NODE reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to legal or jurisprudential changes or those related to commercial practices. In any case, MC-NODE will announce on the web site, through this page, the changes introduced with a reasonable advance to its implementation.