MC-NODE does not charge to run your servers, we use credits that you can get for free through our android app!

Friendly Help

At MC-NODE you will need credits for your server to run. Credits are obtained with the help of your friends, players, family and anyone else who wants to help you, just have these people have our application and see the ads using your user code!

(Avaible for Android only, iOS coming soon.)

No limits

In other Minecraft hosting free you have limits of plugins, world, time online. At MC-NODE, none of this will happen! You just have to have enough credits for your server to run without limits!

DDoS Protection

We have free anti-ddos on our servers! Rest assured that your server will always be available when you need it. ;)

Easy to use

MC-NODE uses Multicraft as the control panel. With MC-NODE booting your server is as easy as clicking a button!

Modpack and plugins

In MC-NODE you have the freedom to use your favorite plugins and modpack to make your server even more fun!